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Job fails with U0020 and receives error messages U11-042 and U11-022 VC= 32


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Job fails due to CMT entry being invalid and abends with USER=0020.   Messages U11-042 CANNOT RESTART - CMT ENTRY INVALID and U11-022 VERIF CODE = 32 occurs for the restarted job.  


Release : 11.0

Component : CA-11


The  VERIF CODE = 32 in the U11-022 indicates that there was a change associated with a DD statement.  This message occurs along with U11-042 CANNOT RESTART - CMT ENTRY INVALID and the jobs abends with USER=0020.  The error occurs because significant JCL changes are not allowed on restarts.  IN the instance of GDGs certain changes can be made on a restart if the BYPGDG option is specified.   Specify BYPGDG=YES in order for a restart to be able to run successfully if there is a need to make a significant change associated with GDG datasets.   The see the changes that are allow on restarts please refer to the link below on  'Effect of JCL Changes on U11RMS' :

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Workload Automation Restart for z/OS Schedulers (CA 11)if you have further questions.