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Data Loss Prevention: default umask issues when installing DLP rpms and java


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


When installing RPMs or JAVA binaries, access denied is presented when starting services. 


The default mask is set to something not 022. If the umask is not set to 022 prior to installing java or the DLP RPMs, you will see access denied when java tries to execute. 


Release : 15.8

Component : Enforce, Detection


to check the current umask 

umask by symbolic mode

%umask -S

Umask by octal 

To change the umask 

run the following commands to output the current umask and to change the value before installing JAVA or DLP RPMs. 


%umask 022

Additional Information

Umask is a C-shell built-in command which allows you to determine or specify the default access (protection) mode for new files you create