BSTPPARS: E004 error in ACM query from ZOWE SCL
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BSTPPARS: E004 error in ACM query from ZOWE SCL


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Running ACMQ request to get the list of programs using the component with Zowe CLI is getting BSTPPARS: E004 error
The command performed is "zowe endevor submit scl --scltype list --sclFile scl.txt" where scl.txt content is "LIST USING COMPONENTS FOR ELEMENT EL0001" 




Release : 18.1
Component: Endevor SCM


"LIST USING COMPONENTS FOR ELEMENT elementname" is an ACM query, not an SCL commands.
Elements and information about their components in CA Endevor SCM should be performed with command queryacm.


The correct syntax for a queryacm command with Zowe CLI is:
zowe endevor queryacm components elementName --env ENVNAME --sn 1 --sys SYSNAME --sub SUBNAME --typ TYPENAME -i ENDEVOR

But the queryacm command is not accurate to get the needed information because queryacm only allows the other type of ACM query (components vs. where-used), 

In order to get the list of programs using the component, use the "List Elements Using Component" SCL statement via the "submit scl" command, using scl-type = list (CSV utility).

Additional Information

List Elements Using Component Function

Zowe CLI reference

The Zowe CLI command "submit scl" supports multiple scl types, corresponding to different Endevor batch programs:
list       - BC1PCSV0 
element    - C1BM3000
addUpdRtv  - C1BM3000
package   -  ENBP1000
admin     -  ENBE1000
ship      -  C1BMX000 (indirectly)


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