How can I disable VNA endpoints from being created in Spectrum from VNA.
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How can I disable VNA endpoints from being created in Spectrum from VNA.


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We have noticed that there are a large number of ACI_Endpoint models that are being created continuously in Spectrum and are using a lot of memory resources with Archive Manager.

We saw that there is an option in the ACI Plugin in VNA that should allow for VNA Endpoints not to be created.




We tried to change this to no, but the Endpoints are still being created.


Release : 21.2+

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Spectrum


If you have more then 1 Engine, then you will need to make the same changes on all Engines in VNA.

While this will stop the Endpoints from being created you still have the Endpoints in the VNA database.


To remove the VNA Endpoints from the VNA Database please follow these steps. From VNA Swagger

1. Check inventory for endpoints,  results show that endpoints exist.

2. Go to the Engine Config and copy the Engine ID and the Engine Config

3. Backup Engine Config in a text editor of your choice.  The passwords will be hashed with ***, you will need the correct passwords.

4. With backup of Engine done, you can remove Engine from VNA

5. Wait a few minutes and make sure that the Endpoints are removed from VNA.  This can be done with a Locater Search for Models, Model Type, Browse, ACI_Endpoints.

6. Add the Engine back with the same config used from step 3.

7.  After a few minutes, check OneClick to make sure no further Endpoints are recreated, there should be none.


If you have multiple Engines, then this option will need to be changed on all ACI Engines and same steps should be followed.