File Event: Next Check < Last Check causing stuck in checking
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File Event: Next Check < Last Check causing stuck in checking


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CA Automic One Automation


A file event has next check older than last check which caused events to be stuck in checking.

An issue happened where a 12.3.1 agent where all file events get stuck in checking and the nextcheck shows older than last check.


Agents : 12.3.1
AutomationEngine: 12.3.3


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For this particular instance, there was no known reason or bug that the next check would be earlier than the last check on an event, but that also doesn't mean that there would be no reason ever for it to be that way, especially when the difference is only a few seconds.  The next check calculation is done by the agent and not the AE, so there may be a timing issue between the two.

There are known issues with events stuck in checking on much older versions of the AE and agent, but these were fixed in 12.2.0 or before.

If this happens again, the issue would need to be reproduced with the following:
tcp/ip=2 and event=9 on the agent
export of the event object
example of the event ID