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Custom TSV on Roadmap Item creates duplicate Per-Period metrics


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When creating a Custom TSV on the Roadmap Item (RMI) object and setting the API Attribute ID, a new set of Per-Period Metric fields are added into the View Options on the RMI Grid.


1. Create a new Roadmap and go to the Grid Layout

2. Open the Grid View Options - take note of the Per-Period Options at the bottom 

3. Classic, Administration, Studio: Objects - Roadmap Item Object

4. Go to Attributes tab, click 'New' to create a new attribute

   Name = Custom TSV1

   ID = c_tsv1

   Type = Time-varying

   Calendar Type = Fiscal (or Calendar - does not matter) 

   API Attribute ID = c_tsv1

5. Go to Modern, Roadmaps

6. Create a new Roadmap and go to the Grid Layout

7. Open the Grid View Options

Expected Results: The Per-Period Metric View Options should NOT be duplicated.

Actual Results: The options are duplicated and you can set them separately, but really it is the same because, when you update one set of fields, the other set of fields are updated. 



Release : 15.9.3

Component : 


This is DE62767, fixed in 16.0

Workaround: None or don't create custom TSVs on the Roadmap Item Object.