CloudSOC integration wizard configuration failure
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CloudSOC integration wizard configuration failure


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Information Centric Analytics


The following error is returned when running step 1 of the Configuring the Integration Wizard Components section of the Integrating Symantec CloudSOC with Symantec ICA section of the Integration and Solution Accelerator Guide.

Msg 50000, Level 16, State 4, Procedure spIW_UnattendedInstall, Line 629 [Batch Start Line 4]
Procedure or function 'spIW_UpdateDataSourceQuery' expects parameter '@DataSourceQueryIndex', which was not supplied.


Release : 6.5.x

Component : CloudSOC Integration


This error is caused when the stored procedure spIW_UnattendedInstallCloudSOC is called with the parameter value i_bUpdateExisting = 1 when the the integration wizard (IW) setup for CloudSOC importer already exists. This may be due to the existence of a previous integration or a failed integration attempt.


This defect will be fixed in a future release of Information Centric Analytics (ICA). Please contact Broadcom support for assistance with implementing a workaround.