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S0C4 abend when running PANAUDIT PLUS


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PanAudit Plus


Upgrading PanAudit to V3.0. When generating test data that can be used to run 
against the different routines in PANAUDIT PLUS, a S0C4 is occurring. 


Release : 3.0

Component : PanAudit Plus


Putting on all the current 3.0 PanAudit Plus maintenance, will resolve the problem.

SOL#   RELEASE  DESCRIPTION                                                             STA  APAR# 
 132   3.0      *0107* SETCONF -- EZTC0715W WITH EASYTRIEVE R11    C RO13924
 131   3.0      *0107* EZABX009 INDEX/SUBSCRIPT OUT OF RANGE.      C RO06963
 130   3.0      *0107* CAS9180E/REQUIRES LMP KEY: PROD (0P)/EZT R1 C RO05060
 129   3.0      *0107* EZTC0393E COMPILE ERROR W/EASYTRIEVE R11    C QO93813
 128   3.0      *0107* GET ABENDS S0C4, S0C1, S0C7 RUNNING TESTGEN C QO93790 <== Will be helpful
 127   3.0      EZTC0173E/EZTC0084E ALPHACON MISSING CALLCOUNTER   C QI92490 <== Inquiry only
 126   3.0      *0107* DOLUNIT DOESN'T COUNT  NEG IN TOP USING  AB C QO60804

Following these steps to get to the PanAudit Plus 3.0 PTF's.

1. Log into our Support online.

2. Click on Mainframe Software.

3. Click on Product downloads.

4. On the Download Management Panel, where it says Search by product name, type in Easytrieve.

5. On the Easytrieve panel, toggle over from Product download, to Solution download.

6. Then on the Search line, type in CA PanAudit Plus 

7. Scroll down to CA PanAudit Plus MIPS MVS, and click on the latest release of 3.0

8. From the CA PanAudit Plus MIPS 3.0 panel, type in the component of CA PanAudit Plus for the search field. Then click on search.

9. There you can build your CART.