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Bulk Edit for Local picklist is returning error


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We notice that bulk edits do not work on local picklists, in the Modern UX. Following are the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Login to Modern UX
  2. Go to roadmaps and create create a few Roadmap Items
  3. Create local picklist from View Options
  4. Select the above picklist in the column panel
  5. Select all Roadmap Items created in step 2, and click on  Edit
  6. Select Value against the local picklist column, and Click on Save Button.

Expected Result:

Picklist should be selected and saved successfully.

Actual result:

Attribute Picklist is not supported Error is returned.


Due to a defect with ID DE61652.


Version: 15.9.2.


The defect has been fixed in version 15.9.3.