Identity Portal BULK Access rights module does not work
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Identity Portal BULK Access rights module does not work


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We're tying to configure the access rights module in order to act in bulk manner but it doesn't work.

In order to test the bulk configuration, we have added the ObjectFeeder in Identity Portal like a task, then we have created the form linked to. In the end, the execution plan has been configured to work like a bulk.




Release : 14.x

Component : SIGMA-Identity Suite


Product limitation


Currently, the Product does not have a direct way to bulk assign provisioning roles to users either in Identity Manager or Identity Portal.
The one option to achieve this is by using policyXpress to assign a provisioning role on ModifyUserEvent which is triggered when a provisioning role is assigned in the identity portal. 

A sample configuration would be to configure a hidden field on the form

And a matching PX in IM