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Custom Investments have the column 'name' loaded in the DWH


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There is an issue with custom objects that are investment extensions. When a new custom object is set up in studio as an investment extension, the field 'name' is inserted into dwh_meta_columns. For an investment extension, this is wrong.

There should be no 'name' column because the name is pulled from inv_investments.  For a custom object that is NOT an investment extension, 'name' should and does get inserted into dwh_meta_columns.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Classic, Administration, Studio: Objects -- Create a new object and choose Investment Extension 
  2. Check the 'Include in the Data Warehouse' Boolean field on the Object Properties 
  3. Query the 'dwh_meta_columns' table for the new object.  You will see 'name' as one of the columns in the table schema 

Expected Results: 'Name' should not be a column.  The name is already stored in dwh_inv_investment

Actual Results: You will see 'name' as one of the columns in the table schema.


This issue has been reported as DE62302.


This issue has been reported in Clarity 15.9.3.


This issue is fixed in Clarity 15.9.3 Patch #1 and 16.0.0.