Parameter for GTExcel filename is throwing an error
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Parameter for GTExcel filename is throwing an error


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


While generating fixed width file, have added parameter for filename as below:

Below is the parameters for the registered file.



Note: are able to get the required value with CINGDSHNWDYL@leftpad(@nextval(sequence)@,0,10)@@string(~SDATE~,YYYYMMDD)@ when executed in data painter


Below is the File Naming Convention:

<CING><XXXXX>DLY<9999999999><YYYYMMDD> Where: XXXXX - Reseller short description 9999999999 - 10 digit File sequence number, padded to the left with ‘0’s . YYYYMMDD - Date of generation in format yyyymmdd; Example: CINGDSHNWDLY000000000120210727

    This is throwing an error during publish.


ERROR:  resolve_meta_data_item: leftpad is missing the terminating @ character in expression: CINGDSHNWDYL@leftpad(@nextval(sequence)@


Release : 4.9.1

Component : TDM Web Portal


 It looks like there is a limitation of 40 characters in meta data column where it stores the file name attribute details. Due to that, its not considerign the complete string here.


To fix this, create a variable say FILE_NAME with value as CINGDSHNWDYL@leftpad(@nextval(sequence)@,0,10)@@string(~SDATE~,YYYYMMDD)@.

Make sure to select "Resolve prior to publish" checkbox and then use this variable in GTEXECL file like below:


With this change, am able to get the filenames in required format.