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ARD: Error while installing ARD HUb 3.2 in Windows 2019


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CA Agile Requirements Designer



I am installing ARD HUb 3.2 manually on Winodws 2019 Server , MS SQL Server Version 2017

using instructions from Install ARD Hub Manually (


I am getting below error at 

Run the setup script.
> HUB_HOME/keycloak/keycloak-setup.bat

21:39:56,190 FATAL [] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 59) Error during startup: org.keycloak.connections.jpa.updater.liquibase.lock.LockRetryException: liquibase.exception.DatabaseException: CREATE TABLE permission denied in database 'keycloak'. [Failed SQL: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK] ([ID] [int] NOT NULL, [LOCKED] [bit] NOT NULL, [LOCKGRANTED] [datetime2](3), [LOCKEDBY] [nvarchar](255), CONSTRAINT [PK_DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK] PRIMARY KEY ([ID]))]



Release : 3.2

Component : ARD Installation


       Please verify the user account for keycloak database and give full permissions to create/alter/drop the tables. After changing the permissions, restart the keycloak to resolve this issue.