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Can the EiamAdmin user be replaced by another user?


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CA Workload Automation AE


Is it possible to replace the EiamAdmin user with a different user?




Release : 11.3.6/12.0



You can't completely replace the EiamAdmin user. It is the only user that is allowed to issue EEM certificates. Since AutoSys only connects to EEM using the certificate, it must generate that certificate as the EiamAdmin user. Even though autosys_secure asks for the EEM admin user name when you select to regenerate the certificate, if you specify any user other than EiamAdmin, it fails with this error...

Input the CA EEM administrator name (or hit enter to cancel):  autosys
Input the CA EEM administrator password:

Confirm the CA EEM administrator password:

CAUAJM_E_10444 Error generating certificate file.
CAUAJM_E_10437 Detailed Error Information:

[EE_NOTALLOWED Operation not allowed]
[Issue Error: Unable to generate Certificate]

CAUAJM_E_60199 Unable to generate the CA EEM certificate. See previous error messages for details.
CAUAJM_W_60190 The CA EEM server location remains unchanged.

Also, the AutoSys Web Server is hard-coded to connect to EEM as EiamAdmin. The only thing you can change in the Web Server configuration is the EiamAdmin user's password.