What are the different statuses of timesheets
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What are the different statuses of timesheets


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Clarity PPM On Premise


There are five different timesheet statuses, what are they and how are they related in the database?


Release : 15.9.1

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The timesheet statuses and related value in table prtimesheet.prstatus

Open:             prstatus = 0    (timesheet can be edited)

Submitted:     prstatus = 1

Returned:      prstatus = 2  (timesheet can be edited)

Approved:     prstatus = 3

Posted:         prstatus = 4

Adjusted:      prstatus  = 5


Additional Information

Descriptions of fields for each table in both PPM and DWH can be found by running the Out of the Box Jaspersoft reports

PPM Schema or

DWH Schema


You can choose which table(s) you want in the Options.