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View - Questions on View/Deliver


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Below are a few questions I have on View/Deliver:

1) When I try 'SORT ARCH DATE' in View, with a large Sysout Selection List, I receive error:

"Insufficient amount of available storage to sort the table"

What is the issue and how can be resolved?


2) When I try to open some SYSOUTs, it gives the below error:

"The Sysout group does not have data set list information"

What is the issue and how can be resolved?


3) SYSOUTs which were archived in the years 2016/2017/2018 still exist in the database. Is this due to ERO table being used ?

4) Should the View and Deliver upgrades be done together or can they be done separately ?

5) Does upgrading View and Deliver have any impact on SPOOL?  Any changes needed in SPOOL after upgrading View and Deliver?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


Here are responses to the client's questions:

 1) In sorting large Sysout Selection Lists, the user needs to have a higher REGION=... setting in their TSO address space. 

 2) If the report does not have data set list information, when using the "?" command, that is an indication that the report was not processed through Deliver nor collected by a SARSTC task, where it will minimally have the DD information from where it came.  Generally, the report would have come from Spool, if it does not have any data set list information.

 3) If reports are retained for years, that is a general indication that an ERO table is in use. It depends on the report. 

     The way to tell if a report is under ERO control would be to go to the Sysout Selection List, and look to see what is in the "ERO_ID" column, as it reflects what entry from the table is being used. 

 4) Historically, when upgradng View and Deliver, View would be done first, with Deliver to follow. However, they can be upgraded at the same time. 

 5) As there is no direct association of View/Deliver to Spool, regarding release compatibility there would be no impact. Spool, though, should be upgraded to a currently-supported release.