Portfolio Plan of Record Does Not Show in Audit
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Portfolio Plan of Record Does Not Show in Audit


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Clarity PPM On Premise



Set Audit Trail on delete,insert, change on Object (Portfolio) > Attribute(Plan of Record)

1. Create portfolio with 2 plans (Plan1 and Plan2)

2. Login as ResourceA and set Plan of Record=Plan1)

3. Login as ResourceB and set Plan of Record=Plan2)

4. Review Admin > Audit Trail

Expected: The auditing should be correct.

Actual: The audit information is giving incorrect information, e.g. If a plan is set as Plan of Record by Resource A, it will display that Resource B did it.

Here Resource B is the one who last updated the Portfolio. 

Results: Unable to reproduce the issue.

Any updates are logged but do not interfere with the Plan of Record audit.

Workaround: Update the plan of record from the portfolio list page


This is reported as defect DE62741 and is resolved in a future Clarity release, targeted for Feb 2022.