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starting v21 ucsrvwp.exe on win throws periodcalc.dll error


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CA Automic One Automation


After installing version 21.0 automationengine component on windows, WPs are unable to start.

Starting the WP from the service manager throws an error:
20210930/211304.952 - U00022006 ... and start directory  'C:\automic\21.0.0\ServiceManager\bin\..\..\AutomationEngine\bin'.
20210930/211304.952 - U00022007 Process 'UC4 WP1' (ID '14764') successfully started.
20210930/211304.999 - U00022023 No associated window can be found for process 'UC4 WP1'.
20210930/211305.005 - U00022012 Process 'UC4 WP1' (ID '14764') ended.
20210930/211305.005 - U00022022 Process 'UC4 WP1' ended, exit code='3221225781'.

No WP log is created.  

When attempting to start the WP from the executable - ucsrvwp.exe - you'll see the popup:
The code execution cannot proceed because periodcalc.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.


This was caused by a problem with the build of the automation engine component


Release : 21.0



This has been fixed with the new image and files as of October 1.  Only the September 30 image or files will have this problem.


There are three possible workarounds:

1) Download the attached Setup.lst file and place it into the [setup directory]\AutomationEngine\windows\x64 directory, replacing the original .lst file

1) Add line in Setup.lst after File103 line and re-run setup.exe:
[email protected],$(AppPath),,,09/30/2020,15000,,U

2) copy the periodcalc.dll file from the image files to the automationengine bin directory.


1633461260198__Setup.lst get_app