Need XOG details for SaaS customer
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Need XOG details for SaaS customer


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Need to run the XOG for couple of activities.

Need the domain and the details to run the XOG.


Release : Any


1. Download XOG client by navigating to Administration->Client Downloads and get Windows/CROSS-PLATFORM ZIP and unzip it to your local drive.

After that you will need to prepare your properties file and below are the details:

XOG Client Shell, Command Line, Properties File, and SOAP -

servername =

port = 443

sslenabled = true

no need to set anything from fipsenabled

For user ID create local Clarity user and provide all necessary rights.

XOG Client Installation -

Additional Information

We need to update the version of OpenJDK that Clarity is using:

Specifications: Clarity Components: Java > AdoptOpenJDK 11.0.14+9 or higher patch level