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Process Start Criteria issue with Date based on baseline object


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Clarity PPM On Premise


I am attempting to start a process based on a Task Baseline created the first time. The issue is the test for the field I am updating or the comparison between the Baseline Finish is failing.

Is there different syntax for testing for a date field being empty?

task.baseline_finish != task.baseline_finish__oldValue &&  task.trg_first_base_fin == null


Release : 15.9.1



As per current design the baseline object is not enabled for processes. If there is business need to have this functionality please create an idea via this link

Some additional info to consider If the goal is to have process steps follow the creation of a baseline, you create a Project process and make sure one of the steps is to Baseline the Project (since that's an available action) - maybe triggered by a Boolean instead of manually creating the baseline object? And if you ever want to rebaseline the project, rather than using the Baseline action, you can use a boolean or lookup to trigger the workflow that performs the baseline. This has been a common workaround for the longest time.