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ICSP Neural Scanner Station was restored to manufacture settings the setup process is stuck at Installing certificates


Article ID: 225221


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Industrial Control System Protection


An administrator reset an ICMP Neural device to factory settings and, when attempting to let it go through its setup routine it halted at installing certificates. All retries failed and it would go no further.




  1. The device must be on a network subnet with internet access
  2. DHCP services must be available to the device (no static address assignments)
  3. The network must be free of restrictions that require special authentication. For example router configurations or a content filter device might be blocking access to the device or blocking the device's access to the network.

In this case the device was trying to contact certificate services to generate a birth certificate but could not get out because the network had restrictions requiring authentication to get outside.


Release : 5.x, All releases



The device was moved to an internet facing network that had DHCP services but no authentication restrictions.