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Gen GUI client incorrect character display for "[]"


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On one Gen client/server Windows/z/OS environment the GUI client displays characters "[]" correctly.
However, on another environment it does not i.e.
[ is getting displayed as ¢
] is getting displayed as !


Release: 8.6

Component: CA Gen Run Time, Distributed



On z/OS International code page/CCSID 500 is being used rather than the usual US code page/CCSID 037.

Updated the Gen z/OS National Language user exit TIRXINFO from default US EBCDIC codepage 37 to International EBCDIC codepage 500 which has fixed the issue:
 DEFCODEP DC    CL8'00000500'            DEFAULT CODE PAGE

TIRXINFO - National Language Information Exit

This differences page explains why the problem was being seen on the Gen GUI client
Conversion character differences between CCSID 037 and CCSID 500
0x4A is ¢ under codepage 37 and is [ under codepage 500
0x5A is ! under codepage 37 and is ] under codepage 500
So when using default codepage 37 that matches what was shown i.e. ¢ instead of [ and ! instead of ]

After the change  DLLs TIRCRUNC and TIRXINFZ are rebuilt using MKCRUN and did a NEWCOPY of those 2 DLLs in CICS:
Establish Client/Server Support