Debugging AuthConnector with SymDiag
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Debugging AuthConnector with SymDiag


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


How to gather Cloud Auth Connector debug logs for Web Security Service article shows how to debug AutoConnector manually.

This article will show how debugging can be enabled in more automatic way via SymDiag tool so there is no need to manually restart the services and modification of .ini file is not needed. 



1. Download SymDiag (direct link available in Download SymDiag to detect product issues article) and keep it on the server where AuthConnector is installed.

Turning into debug mode and reproducing the issue:

2. Run SymDiag and select “Collect Data for Support”

3. In the “1 Select Products” ensure “WSS Auth Connector” is selected under “Installed products” and click Next

4. In “2 Select Data Type” under “Debug Logging” select “WSS Auth Connector”.

Further options to configure here are:

a. To run debugging for fixed period of time – set number of minutes

b. To run debugging until it reaches certain size – click on Advanced and set the maximum size of the log file

5. Leave the default selections in the “3 Additional Options” and click Next

6. In the “4 Reproduce Your Issue” the tool is gathering data already. Debug log bcca-{string}.log is created in the BCCA folder (default path: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Blue Coat Systems\BCCA”). Leave it running until the time remaining to reproduce the issue passes or log file is filled up to the configured value. Debugging might be stopped manually at any time by clicking on Next and confirming with Yes

7. In “5 Collect” wait for full data collection. Depending on the options selected it can take few minutes to finish

8. In “6 Attach to Case” save the file locally and then provide it to Broadcom Support for analysis.