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CA Detector for DB2 for Z/OS : Detector or Subsystem Analyzer CICS modification to control blocks or tables


Article ID: 225180


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Detector for DB2 for z/OS Subsystem Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS


While running inside the CICS address space, does Detector or Subsystem Analyzer modify the CICS tables, control blocks or structures either temporarily or permanently.





Release : 20.0

Component : CA Detector for DB2 for z/OS


Detector does not modify anything in the CICS or any application address space.  Detector may look into the CICS address space to get program, package, host variable and SQL text only - it does not modify any of that data.

Subsystem Analyzer would only access CICS or other application address spaces through the Subsystem Analyzer/Detector interface module - accessing the same information as Detector, but again not modifying anything.