Replacing hard disks in Security Analytics
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Replacing hard disks in Security Analytics


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Security Analytics


Security Analytics has a variety of hard disks and storage arrays or enclosures.  There are different methods to replace the drives in each.


U144 storage arrays, (Dell ME4012 or VA012)

U840 storage arrays, (Dell ME4084 or VA084)

E5660 storage arrays, (NetApp E5600 series)


There are several YouTube videos and articles on how to replace hard disks for the storage arrays and enclosures which Broadcom sells for the Security Analytics products. 

Here are a few, and the list will be extended, as needed.

U144 - DellEMC Storage ME4012/ME4024: Remove/Install 2.5" HDD

U840 - DellEMC Storage ME4084/ME484: Remove/Install 3.5" HDD

VA4084 - How to replace a DDIC in an ME4 Series 5U enclosure

Netapp E5660 - Replacing hard drive in NetApp E5600 storage array