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Lookup from remote cache assertion triggers warning level exception in audit when no entry is found.


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CA API Gateway


We are using the Remote Cache tactical assertion (1.5.0). It works fine except for the fact that is triggers a WARNING audit when no entry is found in a remote cache.

The normal cache assertion does not trigger a warning when a key does not exist.


20210816 12:46:54.247 WARNING   4

Unable to lookup cached value: Cached entry not found for key: digid-slZQmq5uQbJz0k%2FRjuIWHfjDBBU%3D-id:234234234. Exception caught!


This should not be a WARNING level message , a non existing cache entry is a normal event . 


Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


Open a  support case to request RemoteCacheAssertion-1.5.3 which set the message for a failed cache lookup due to a non existing key to a info level message .