ProxySG ARP table not updating
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ProxySG ARP table not updating


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ProxySG Software - SGOS ISG Proxy


The ProxySG ARP table is not updating. 

When taking packet capture on the ProxySG, the ARP requests and responses are being observed. However, the ProxySG doesn't update the ARP table with the received MAC address and IP address.


VLANs are configured in the networking environment.


The ProxySG doesn't record VLAN information while taking packet captures.

If the VLAN ID doesn't match the VLAN ID configured on the ProxySG, it won't add the ARP information to the ARP table.

For instance, if NIC 2:0 is configured with VLAN 10 and the ProxySG receives an ARP response with a VLAN ID other than VLAN  10, it won't add the response to ARP table.

Packet captures on the ProxySG does not capture the VLAN ID. This could give a false impression that the ProxySG is not updating the ARP table correctly.


Verify VLAN IDs configured on the ProxySG and on the networking equipment in the environment and resolve any mismatches found.