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Changing IP and Hostname of the Automic Servers


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When planning to change the IP address and dns hostname of all servers in our Automic system, what changes need to be made on Automic to ensure connectivity?  If NATing (Network Address Translation) is needed for NATed IP addresses, is there a way to do that?


Release : 12.3

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A lot of changes that need to be done when changing all servers' IP and DNS addresses will be dependent on how things are set up now.  In general the following may need to be done:

Automation Engine - if the system bindaddr or hostname = settings in the ucsrv.ini file, these will need to be updated to the new IP or DNS name
Database - if your database server is also being updated, make sure that anything that specifies the ip or dns name (tnsnames.ora, odbc connections, etc.. - a DBA should know more about what is needed here)
Be sure that the sqldriverconnect under the [JDBC] in the ucsrv.ini file points to the correct database IP or DNS name
In the [DB_SERVICE] section of the ucsrv.ini file, make sure that the correct IP or DNS name is being used for the cp= setting

Agents - Agents use IP or DNS names in the following places: in their ini file under cp= setting, in their ini file in the [CP_LIST] section (best to clear this out completely), and if bindaddr is being used, check there as well.

CallAPI - if any callapis are used, they usually use the ini file and point to an ip or dns name in the cp= setting.

AWI - in the uc4config.xml file, there are settings like this which have ip or dns name:
<cp port="12361" ip="localhost"/>

In general, most components will point to a specific cp by the IP or DNS name that that CP runs on.

There is a small possibility that the old IP and DNS names are "stuck" in the mqsrv table.  This could be seen by running the sql statement:

select * from mqsrv

and looking at the mqsrv_tcpipaddr column in the results.  If there are incorrect IP addresses or DNS names there, a cold start will remove all entries from the MQSRV table (please note this should be used with caution)