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Unable to load any pages when clicking on any of the setting pages within SIM. SIM pages will no open


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IT Management Suite


The customer is unable to click on any of the options in SIM (Symantec Installation Manager), like "Configure Settings" or "Add/Update licenses". 

Nothing happens. SIM pages will no open. No errors. It just no open any of the setting pages that the customer clicked on.


The customer previously deferred SIM upgrade option. By doing that, any other option is disable to run until SIM has upgraded.

Customer opened SIM and it prompted with a popup window referring to a new version of SIM is available. You have some options like 'Update Now', 'Remind me in 1 day', etc. Selecting anything else besides 'Update Now' will defer SIM to install the new version.


ITMS 8.5, 8.6


You need to allow SIM to upgrade.

SIM has a registry key that keeps track when it will be displayed again.
1. Open Regedit
2. Go to 'HKLM>Software>Altiris>AIM>Configuration>ProductListings'
3. Under 'Current', take note of the value on it. By default it is 0, which means Product Listing '0' is in use (if you are using a different Product Listing than the default one, you may have other value like 1 and so on).
4. Under 'ProductListings' you should have a folder with the respective number as the 'Current' regkey mentioned above. Click on it.
5. Look for the regkey called 'NextPlUpdateTime' and change the value to the current date.
6. Close and reopen SIM. Now you should be prompted again to upgrade SIM.



If you haven't deferred the SIM upgrade but you see a message like:

"Cannot continue to run install product install product/update product/repair product/install with the current logged in credentials. Log in using Notification Server Credentials and try again."

when clicking on "Install new products", that means that you are logged in as an account that doesn't have enough rights to run a install/upgrade/repair. Best practices indicates that you should use the main AppID account or the same account used initial installation.

Additional Information

180639 "How to let Symantec Installation Manager (SIM) to retry to install a new SIM version if it was deferred to a later time?"