Impact of Uninstalling or Decoupling Jaspersoft from Clarity
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Impact of Uninstalling or Decoupling Jaspersoft from Clarity


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Upgrading clarity to 15.9.3 and the need is to switch reporting from Jaspersoft to power BI. Is there a supported option to decouple Jaspersoft service from Clarity and if doing so what is the impact on existing clarity functionalities?


Clarity 16.1 and Jaspersoft server 7.8


Jaspersoft reports is currently is an integral part for Datwarehouse functionality and needs developments efforts to provide an alternate to the current integration model in a future release.


No supported way to completely decouple Clarity 16.1 with Jaspersoft. However Customers can choose not to install or upgrade Jaspersoft 7.8 component and It should not ideally affect future clarity upgrade scripts.

The caveat with not installing Jaspersoft service is that the clarity 'Load Datawarehouse job' will fail at the very last part where the job writes to the write metadata to the dependant Jaspersoft domains, the job error message would mention it cannot update Jaspersoft domains. The Load Datawarehouse job failures is expected to fail if it cannot connect to Jaspersoft, and there is no configuration in the system to bypass the Datawarehouse job and Jaspersoft service dependency.