VSE restarted but virtual services that were recorded will not run
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VSE restarted but virtual services that were recorded will not run


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Service Virtualization


Service Virtualization could not start with services.

VSE was down and had restarted all the services, but some virtual services (Recording) are not running anymore. They fail.


All supported DevTest releases.


The VSE is not showing on the Portal.

Noticed on both machines that the owner on the files where DevTest is installed are owned by userid root and userid devtest.


Brought all DevTest services down on both machines.

Executed this command on both machines to change the owner to devtest:

chown -R devtest:devtest /produtos/devtest/

Executed this command on both machine to open up permissions:

chmod -R 777 /produtos/devtest/

Deleted lisatmp_xx.x.0 folder on both machines to start with fresh log files.

Noticed that /produtos/devtest/CA/DevTest/vseDeploy folder had been renamed.  Restored this folder back.

Because the owner was changed to devtest, had to clear out all of the files in the /produtos/devtest/CA/DevTest/vseRecording/VSE_2013 folder.  These will have to be recorded again.

Started all DevTest services in this order: IAM, Enterprise Dashboard, Registry, Broker, Portal and VSE.

All services came up.

Logged into to the Portal and saw VSE show up, but all the https services were failing.  These services are using vse.ks keystore, but for some reason it cannot be found.

In the local.properties file on the VSE machine set these properties:


Restarted VSE.

Logged out of Portal and logged back in, then could see all of the services running that should be including the https services.