Prevention of same job stream runs simultaneously at a single point of time.


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CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition


Request to setup a stream of Jobs in CA 7 in such a way that, the same job stream (contains more than one jobs), runs every hour and one after the another.

The same job stream should not run simultaneously at a single point of time.  It should have the below sample schedule:

Mon-Fri   7AM-23 PM

Sat, sun  8AM-20PM



Release : 11.3

Release : 12.0

Release : 12.1

Component : CA-7


Since the same flow of job run every hour, you would need to control the stream using SCHIDs. 

So, using and example of A triggering B and B triggering C and C triggering D. 

If you build a schedule for A with a SCHID=10 to run at 7AM and hardcode B with the same schid=10 and C and D.

Then Build a schedule for A with a SCHID=20 to run at 8AM and hardcode B with the sam SCHID=20 and C and D. 

Then you make D dependent on A dependent on A.  Then, you go to the db.3 panel and make D under SCHID=20 dependent on A. 

Then make D under SCHID=10 dependent on A.

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