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Manually removing the HP-UX DCS agent


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Data Center Security Server Advanced


The agent has been corrupted and you need to manually remove the HP-UX DCS agent 


1.    Open a Terminal window on the computer where we need to uninstall agent. Get terminal access with superuser account credentials

2.     Run the following command to determine the if agent is running and get the process IDs:
cat /var/run/
cat /var/run/

3.     If the process IDs do not appear from comment#2 then do the following to display the process IDs and stop the agent process:
Run the following commands:
ps -ef | grep sisipsdaemon
ps -ef | grep sisidsdaemon
If the agent processes are not running, continue with the step#4.
If either agent process is running, run the following command to stop the agent process:
kill -KILL <agent_PID>

4.     Type and run the following commands to remove the installation files:
rm -rf /opt/Symantec/sdcssagent/ (default directory)
rmdir /opt/Symantec (default directory)
rm -rf /etc/sisips/
rm -rf /etc/symantec/

rm -f /etc/Symantec.conf
rm -f /etc/sisips.conf

rm -f /sbin/init.d/sisips*
rm -f /sbin/init.d/sisids*
rm -f /sbin/rc?.d/*sisips*
rm -f /sbin/rc?.d/*sisids* 

rm -rf /var/log/sdcsslog/ (default directory)
rm -f /var/run/
rm -f /var/run/

5.     Type and run the following commands to remove the agent user and group:
userdel sisips
groupdel sisips

6. After that, then run below command to clean up entry from rpm DB
    rpm -e --justdb sdcss
    rpm -e --justdb sdcss-kmod

7. Verify that packages are removed
    rpm -qa | grep sdcss