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Workflows in an Ended Schedule Still Displaying Active


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CA Automic One Automation


We have noticed that some WFs within a handful of schedules remain active despite all jobs executing and ending successfully.




The scheduler is Started on 20.09 at 16:00 (Period turnaround time), and all tasks including XXXXX.WORKFLOW  is also activated, but with "earliest Start Time" "+1 day, Time 19:00". This means that the XXXXX.WORKFLOW should start to run on 21.09 at 19:00.
The task stays active but does not start.

Now on 21.09 at 16h a turnaround happens on the new scheduler. The Scheduler with the old runid gets deactivated, and during this, the current (at the time) status (Active) is also copied in the AJPP table - 1550.
Now, on 21.09 at 19h the job finally runs, but it can not update the value of the Scheduler that started it because the scheduler is already finished - that is why the Schedule Monitor shows the task as still active.
This is working correctly, as it not possible to change values of already finished/inactive objects.


Release : 12.3



This is an unusual configuration of the Schedule and Tasks and turnaround time.

You should change the Schedule/Workflow logic, and do not start tasks that should run the next day, as the idea of the Scheduler is to run tasks that start on the same day.