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Troubleshooting "unable to connect" messages for AA based attachments


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End users may experience issues with their attachments functionality in an Advance Availability Environment.  Most commonly with the "unable to connect" message appearing.  This document describes some things to consider when troubleshooting such a scenario.


Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - Attachments


In examining the SDM Doc Repositories on an AA test instance, the Servlet Server and Repository Server settings should all point to the "Background Server" One can confirm that this is the case here with the affected environment.  Login to the SDM Web UI as an Admin role, go into the Administration tab, under Attachments Library -> Repositories, right click on one of the repositories that is being used for attachments and choose "View".  It should say "Background Server" under the Servlet Server and Repository Server fields.

Under the Administration tab, go into System, then Servers.  Select the server that is marked as the "Background Server", and confirm the entry for "Attachment Servlet Path".  In a functioning testing instance, it was set to "".  

If there is a friendly URL in play, ie "", verify with networking if this is a friendly URL being used to mask the BG Server, and see what happens when attempting to access either "", "", or even "http://BG-Server:8080" from an ordinary web browser.  All SDM Servers have a Tomcat Web Server in place and is used by attachments.  The given test from an ordinary web browser will confirm if the web URL is even valid.

Additional Information

the jstd.log and stdlog files will also be of interest.  jstd.log can be tuned to run debugging, while stdlog files can be examined for the rep_daemon process.


jstdlog debug logging is available here:

Activating Tomcat Tracing for pdm_export, Attachments and SOAP Web Services calls