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Components taking more than an hour to show as not present with 5-minute change detection rate


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


For one Monitoring Profile, we have set the Detection Rate to 5-minutes.

For new components, this seems to work properly but for components that are no longer present, it takes more than one hour to get retired/not present.


Release : 3.7, 20.2, 21.2

Component : IM Discovery


This may be due to the frequency of the change detection as it can take 3 reads to mark things as not present, each read 5 minutes apart.

Using a very short change detection frequency which can cause a lot of snmp requests to the devices the Monitoring Profile and its corresponding Metric Families are monitoring.

The lowest change detection frequency we use in practice is 15 minutes for virtual machines.

Try increasing the change detection frequency (15 minutes at a minimum ) and verify if the issue persists.