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SAP Agents log file names changed from 12.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Before SAP Agent 12.1, the log files were sert in uppercase.
Since 12.1, they are in lowercase.


The problem is that, if old uppercase files remain in the log folder, the current log won't be rotated at all.



There was a change in the default .ini files in 12.0 -> 12.1
iI 12.0,log file is defined as uppercase : 


Begining from 12.1, only lowercase :


So, if used under Windows, where the filesystem is NOT case-sensitive, it will cause this effect, that if there is difference between the existing files in the TEMP folder and the naming syntax in the .ini file, that they can not be rotated.


Release : 12.3



Workaround : 

  • The solution would be to match the uppercase/lowercase in the .ini file between the old and the new configuration file when doing an upgrade, if the temp files are to be preserved.
  • Temp files can also be deleted/renamed to the corresponding case, if they still need to be preserved/rotated in the /temp folder.

This behavior will not be changed : once the Workaround has been applied on the "old" Agents, there won't be any need to do any further change at all, including for new Agents.