Could not retrieve user data error in Admin -> User, Connections
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Could not retrieve user data error in Admin -> User, Connections


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


After upgrade to 12.3 when going to the Administration perspective in Client 0 and choosing Users or Connections area, the following error shows up:

Could not retrieve user data.


Release : 12.3 and 21.x



Change in behavior where older versions allowed certain characters in user names that are no longer allowed


  1. As this is caused by an incorrect username, the first step is to find where the user is by running the following SQL statement against the database
    select * from oh where oh_name like '%\%' and oh_otype = 'USER'
  2. Note down the oh_name (username) and oh_client (client where the user is located) from above - perhaps something like USER\NAME/DEPT in client 100
  3. For each client listed from the SQL statement, log into the client in the JAVA UI, find the user with the backslash, and rename the user, removing the "\" from the name (please note the 12.0 Java UI _can_ be used to do this in 12.3 and below - for v21 or above, please open a case with Support to find next steps)

Please note: the AWI will not allow the objects to be renamed, the Java UI must be used

Once this was done for each client, the User and Connections tabs were available to view again.