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modelcreateddestroybucket table files increasing in number in Spectrum SRM data directory


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


The number of files in the SRM Database directory $SPECROOT/mysql/data/reporting, is growing at an increasing rate with thousands of what appear to be unprocessed/stale modelcreateddestroybucket table files.

No relevant error or warnings are shown in stdout.log pertaining to SRM.


There are so many stale bucket tables that the system is unable to catch up with the backlog and they keep increasing in number as new data comes in.


DX NetOps 21.2 Spectrum


Check if the instant_poller_time (Spectrum WEB GUI -> Report manager -> Preferences page ) is set to default 5 min. If it is, then increase it to 55 as this should give the system time to process the stale buckets. 

Also, make sure that the Primary Archive manager is connected and the event poller is processing the events.