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Downloading executable files with Internet Explorer or Firefox fails with SEP 14.3 RU2 or higher


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Endpoint Protection


When downloading an executable (.exe) file with either Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers, the browser reports a failed download.  In the Downloads folder, the file may have been fully downloaded, but has a .partial or .part extension rather than .exe.  It may also be a zero-byte file with the correct file name.


Release : 14.3 RU2, 14.3 RU3

Component : SONAR


Both of these browsers download files to a temporary file, then rename or copy it to the final file once the download completes.  In certain cases, the SONAR scan run by Endpoint Protection interferes with the browser when it is trying to execute this operation.  Typically this is seen with larger files which take longer for SEP to process.


This issue has been fixed in 14.3 RU4, Please upgrade to this version to take advantage of the fix.

If you are unable to upgrade, temporarily use SEP 14.3 RU1 MP1 or earlier to avoid this.

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