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Why is Provisioning Manager installed under \Program Files and not Program Files (x86)?


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CA Identity Suite CA Identity Manager


We are upgrading our provisioning manager client we are seeing the following issue:

the old one is still there in the following location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Identity Manager\Provisioning Manager

but the new one is installed in this location:

C:\Program Files\CA\Identity Manager\Provisioning Manager

I am looking to know why.


Release : 14.4

Component : Provisioning Manager


Previous older releases were 32-bit.  Your current 14.4 release is 64-bit.  

On Windows, 32-bit applications are installed under \Program Files (x86).  64-bit applications are installed in \Program Files. 

Here is online information on the 32-bit vs 64-bit topic and how 64-bit applications are installed on more recent versions of Windows.,to%20Program%20Files%20(x86).