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TSSUITIL abends with concatenated Audit Tracking Files


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Top Secret


TSSUTIL report with multiple concatenated Top Secret Audit Tracking Files qbends with the following:

14.15.48 J0011526  IEC020I 001-1,HFRAMCCA,REPORT1,SMFIN-0002,C963,AUDT12,TSS.SYS

14.15.48 J0011526  IEC020I NO ERROR HANDLING, (SYNAD), EXIT SPECIFIED          

14.15.48 J0011526  IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT  696                            

   696             SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=001  REASON CODE=00000001            

   696              TIME=14.15.48  SEQ=45015  CPU=0000  ASID=01FE              

   696              PSW AT TIME OF ERROR  075C1000   00E54422  ILC 2  INTC 0D  

   696                NO ACTIVE MODULE FOUND                                   

   696                NAME=UNKNOWN                                             

   696                DATA AT PSW  00E5441C - 00181610  0A0D9540  6000A774     

   696                GR 0: 84000000   1: 84001000                             

   696                   2: 009A3F82   3: 00E54438                             

   696                   4: 009A24A8   5: 009A24E6                             

   696                   6: 009A24B0   7: 009A3F48                             

   696                   8: 009FFD98   9: 009BE010                             

   696                   A: 009B9CE8   B: 009A21A4                              

   696                   C: 009A266C   D: 009A40E8                             

   696                   E: 80E54328   F: 00000001                             




Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


Please download and apply APAR LU02579 from Broadcom support site for this known problem.