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Error: "IDM index '<IDM Name>' is missing its source file" after cloning an IDM policy in DLP


Article ID: 224921


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Data Loss Prevention Enterprise Suite


After cloning a Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) IDM policy you receive this error:

"Policy References Check
Display unresolved references that may prevent the policy from operating correctly IDM index '<IDM Name>' is missing its source file."


Cloning an existing policy associated with an already indexed IDM causes the IDM reference to increment, thus causing the new incremented IDM to have no "source file".


Release : Data Loss Prevention 15.8+



To resolve:

  1. Update the original IDM with a new source file: ( in our example: ). You must select "Submit Indexing Job on Save" to fully update the index.
  2. Return to the policy list and select the "warning" sign for the error "IDM index '' associated with Profile '<IDM Name>' is missing its source file." the error resolves.

Engineering is aware of the issue and it will be fixed in a future release. 
In the interim, you may consider removing the IDM reference prior to, or during the import process, then re-adding the IDM back to the policy to complete the import.