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Non HTTP Errors during JMeter load test


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A JMeter test when executed from BlazeMeter generates a high number of Non Http errors during load test.

1. What is the reason for getting these errors?

2. Are there any fixes for removing or reducing the non http errors?


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There are a number of things that can cause the non HTTP errors in a JMeter test when executed from BlazeMeter.

Remember, BlazeMeter does not generate errors, it only reports them.  The errors are being generated by the JMeter script.  Users need to investigate the scripts, applications, and/or network to determine why the test is getting these "Non HTTPS response code" errors when the JMeter script is executed from BlazeMeter.

First and foremost, mMake sure that the test is properly calibrated by following the steps specified in the Calibrating a JMeter Test article.

- Verify that the test can be executed from a local instance of JMeter with a load similar to that of a single engine.  If the test is configured to execute from an engine on a Private Location, then make sure that the same test with the same load can be successfully executed from a local instance of JMeter installed on the agent of the Private Location without seeing the "Non HTTP response code" errors.  Running the JMeter test locally in debug mode may help to determine why these errors are being generated from the JMeter test.

- Be sure to check the Engine Health report for all engines used in the test to assure that CPU resource usage does not exceed 75% and Memory resource usage does not exceed 85% on all of the engines used in the test.

- Review the suggestions found on the Overcoming HTTPS Socket Errors in JMeter page to see if any of these help to reduce the number of Non HTTP errors reported in the test.  Also review the "Common issues/errors in scripts and how to analyze them" section of the Apache JMeter - Basics, Common Errors, Issues, Best Practices And Troubleshooting page for additional suggestions on troubleshooting Non HTTP errors in a JMeter script.

If the test appears to be properly calibrated, but it is still generating the "Non HTTP response code" errors when executed from BlazeMeter, then it will be necessary to work with the application and/or network admins to determine why the test is generating these errors when trying to connect to the application while the test is running from the configured engines in BlazeMeter.