WSSSAServiceCmdV2 Web Request failed
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WSSSAServiceCmdV2 Web Request failed


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


Exporting services from an SOI environment, using the WSSSAServiceCmdV2 command.

WSSSAServiceCmdV2.bat" -hlocalhost:7090 -usamuser -p"<password>" -aExport -s"Service:servicename,test" -f"D:\ServiceTest.xml"



Executing WSSSAServiceCmdV2 .....
WSSSAServiceCmdV2() - Web Service: localhost port: 7090
WSSSAServiceCmdV2() - action: Export
WSSSAServiceCmdV2() - Service:servicename,test
WSSSAServiceCmdV2() - FileName: D:\ServiceTest.xml
Processing Completed.
Response getting from Service call is:
WSSSAServiceCmdV2() - Web Service request failed....
Return code: 1


Checked the following things already:

  • Single service export (only contains two CIs with Aggregate relationship) – e.g. no complex Custom relationship policies
  • No special characters: the service name is “test”
  • Password is correct (otherwise the error is totally different)
  • Java refers to the version in the SOI directory


Release : 4.2

Component : Service Operations Insight (SOI) Manager


SOI system is configured for SSL, this is documented as a limitation and normally requires the system for endpoints to be changed back to HTTP

There are some scenarios where this may still work with SSL enabled but it is not reliable.



A fix will be included in the next cumulative update (after 4.2 CU2) where this functionality will work even where SSL is enabled