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Logging_v2.jsp is not availble in Identity Manager 14.4 in virtual appliance


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As per below documentation, there are now two logging JSP files as part of the logging Admin Tool in Identity Manager 14.4.
  Setup Log4j and Log4j2 Log Levels Using the Logging Admin Tool

However, logging_v2.jsp is not available in Identity Manager 14.4 in vApp (virtual appliance). After creating Wildfly application user as a member of the IAMAdmin application group following Modify Identity Manager Application Log Level doc, accessing https://<vApp's IP>/iam/im/logging_v2.jsp prompts the login, but after login it shows the following error

Page cannot be found. Please check the URL. (/iam/im/logging_v2.jsp)



This is a known issue recorded in bug DE509254.


Identity Manager 14.4 in virtual appliance


Please raise a Technical Support call ticket and request for the following hotfix in DE509254