TLMS - CATVMFC - MDS=V08318 is not in secondary VMF
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TLMS - CATVMFC - MDS=V08318 is not in secondary VMF


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TLMS Tape Management


During the extend operation to remove a range of volumes from the VMF file in test mode, the following message is displayed: 

TLMSVMW3 - MDS=V08318 is not in secondary VMF

CAT6541I Primary to Secondary VMF copy failed 


Release : 14.0

Component : CA TLMS Tape Management


The proc CATVMFC will execute TLMSVMFV and create an error file called CAIVMFE. This is passed to TLMSVMFC to return orphaned records to the free chain.

If the TLMSVMFC is running with PARM = TEST, the update to correct the multifiles chaining problems are not done. The only errors that it will work with are CAT6402/6403/6408/6409 and CAT6418.

Recommended that the value of DELAY should be 10. This indicates that the chaining errors are at least ten days or older. Level 5 and above identify orphans records.