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CA GEN Listener failing with RESPONSE CODE=00000068 RETURN CODE= 0000008 ACF2/CICS Interface


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ACF2 - z/OS


CA GEN listener TISRVLIS running CICS transactions failing with RESPONSE CODE=00000068 RETURN CODE= 0000008 USERID_NOT_DEFINED error message


Release : 16.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


PTF SO05647 closed a condition in which the obsolete UNIXOPTS default DFTGROUP was being picked up, after applying the PTF any logonid that uses USS services will require an OMVS GROUP Profile Record assigned.

Update the logonids without GROUP to default group name as shown below:



CHANGE IF(GROUP LE X'40') GROUP(dftgroup) (specify the default group instead of dftgroup)


Additional Information

Before applying SO05647, if a logonid is defined without the GROUP field, the ACF2 was returning (Incorrectly) the DFTGROUP defined in the UNIXOPTS GSO record. This was solved by SO05647. 

After SO05647, when a logonid does not have GROUP, there is no value for GROUP passed to the caller so the security call is failing with USERID_NOT_DEFINED and this is correct because from a RACF perspective the logonid cannot exist if it is not part of a group.