CloudSOC IP ranges
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CloudSOC IP ranges


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CASB Security Advanced CASB Security Standard


After CloudSOC moved from AWS to the GCP platform, new CloudSOC IP ranges were needed. 



As outlined in the GCP migration page, this is the current CloudSOC IP range:


The new securelisting consists of two actions: (1) firewall rule changes to allow connections to CASB ingress IP list and port numbers; (2) your Securlets and Gatelets SaaS applications access control changes to accept CASB egress IP list in those applications that restrict source IP addresses.

CASB Audit and Gateway customers have additional IP address ranges and port numbers to consider beyond the common new IP range; see the following table.

CASB Customer Features

CASB Ingress IP List and Port Number

CASB Egress IP List

Apps to Accept Egress IP

All CASB Customers Port 443

Securlet SaaS Apps

Customers with Audit Port 22 if SFTP is used


Google Cloud Storage service at port 443 if SpanVA is used

Customers with Gateway

WSS Ingress IP List and Ports

WSS Egress IP List

Gatelet SaaS Apps