Can you secure wipe the disks on Security Analytics?
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Can you secure wipe the disks on Security Analytics?


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Security Analytics


If the Security Analytics appliance or storage arrays have reached their end of life, often there are requirements to secure wipe the drives before the hardware is decommissioned.


There is not a utility that was specifically written to securely wipe hard drives within Security Analytics.  However, there are many other open source and third party utilities that can be used to securely wipe a hard drive to whatever specification needed.  The most recommended way is to boot the Security Analytics device using a live Linux distribution and then use a linux utility such as 'dd' or 'shred'.  Other popular utilities include 'wipe' and 'scrub'.

Technical support can provide guidance, but cannot assist in the wiping procedure.  There are many resources online that deal with securely wiping hard drives using linux utilities. 

Physically destroying the drives is also an option if the system is not being repurposed for something else.